Hayata Dair

As I lay me down to sleep

It’s been an hour since we said goodbye but these two days feel like they’ll last forever. Longest days of my life. Sunlight all day long, brightening up everywhere in distance.

Strange enough, it feels as if our roads will cross again in a second or two. We wouldn’t have to wait long till we meet again.

You know, I already started talking to myself in English as if you could hear me somehow. I’m murmuring to myself about all kinds of stuff about the weather, traffic, good songs and good food.

Remember the song that played when we were driving to the airport? It was pretty nice actually listening to it with you: “James Taylor – You’ve got a friend”.

It was as sweet as the cookie they gave us at the check-in. It was warm as the weather outside today.

True, I woke up quite sleepy in the morning but how could I so easily forget about sleep and be drawn into your world… Opening up my own fragile world for your eyes to see… Dreaming about our world to build together somewhere out there…

The moment I sat down to my car to drive back home – which later felt emptier than it already was – I recognized the soft voice and the song which went like: “As I lay me down to sleep…” by Sophie B. Hawkins. That was perfect timing. I turned up the volume and started to sing along. I wish you were beside me so we could listen to it together. Maybe then we would end up dancing to this song till we fell asleep.

But like I said, I feel as if you can hear me anyway. So let me say good night for now and have a safe flight.

I’m sure you’ll hear me wherever you are right now. But please also take good care of yourself and hope to meet again over the clouds and in our dreamland soon.

As I lay me down to sleep (ooh la kah koh)

This I pray

That you will hold me dear

Though I’m far away

I’ll whisper your name into the sky (ooh la kah koh)

And I will wake up happy


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