In honor of the most amazing hug of a lifetime

In honor of the most amazing hug of a lifetime

A hug can be a million of things but the best one will probably leave you speechless. That’s how you’ll remember it.

It will be as comforting as a childhood lullaby,

feel as lovely as coming back to your missed-for-so-long home or

surround you as big as the universe.

It will be just magical. That’s why you’ll be lost for words and never want to let go.

Missing a hug is as true as the pain you feel when you bump into a sharp object in the dark.

A hug on the other hand is the cure to all our heartaches, old traumas and fears.

Lucky are those who receive a hug in such a way and they surely will rewrite their history for good.

Salute to those who can give such a kind-hearted hug and they surely will have a loving life.


Touch is a powerful means of communication. Through touch, another’s intention is readily discernible—comforting or helpful versus antagonistic and potentially harmful. In the positive, prosocial mode, hugs are one type of touch that relays the message: “I care about you. You matter.” Ref: Psychology Today

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