for your own sanity

for your own sanity

Life, in all its inconsistencies, both surprising and challenging.

Having to put up with ignorance and stupid remarks on any given day

Sure enough to suspend the positivism and caregiving nature

and instead show one’s claws with despair.

All of a sudden all your motivation is drained and you find yourself biting your lips not to say a word to an utterly brainless being.

First, your lips hurt and then your throat

– they say it’s related with the throat chakra,

not expressing your truth leads to imbalance and blockage.

They say all kinds of things actually. So many reasons but unluckily you seem to be the only one who reads this stuff around here.

You know, what they say about all the insane people walking on the streets and all the sane people (who are tortured by insanity) go to their shrinks to get a cure.

But there is no cure. Believe me all the cure is in you. Nowhere else.

‘tis not his or her fault. ‘tis most probably a combination of many things including ancestors and genes, social environment and bringing up…

But stop!

There is always a reason behind

But reasons are no longer soothing or quieting down.

So please stop!

After a certain point there is no way to turn back

There’s no cure for intolerance – no cure for weariness

Intolerance to an infected mind who repeatedly makes a foolish remark and cannot understand where the hell it’s got everything wrong.

The mere fact that it is so weak and clumsy, the mind I mean, is a confession on its own.

No one can cure it for you – not even him or her

This is what it is – ignorance is their black holes.

So please go ahead and take care of yourself instead


take good care of yourself

for your own sanity.

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